DRILLBITS – January 2014

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Well Control Institute Leadership Named

Cason Swindle, formerly Director of Learning and Development at Noble Drilling Services, has been appointed Executive Director of the Well Control Institute (WCI).  Additionally, Malcolm Lodge has been appointed Director, Training and Assessment of the WCI.

The WCI, initially announced in August at the IADC Well Control Conference of the Americas in Galveston, will be registered in the US and in the UK. It is expected to be fully operational by March, 2014.

The mission of the WCI is to bring the drilling community together to improve well control performance and reliability worldwide.   Currently, the WCI is assembling both the Executive Board and the Advisory Panel who will steer the Institute’s mission and strategy.

The initial work product of the WCI will be improving well control training and assessment. Development of the training and assessment standard is well underway, and is expected to be complete by the end of Q2 2014.

In his role as Executive Director, Mr. Swindle will be responsible for building the organization and serving as a liaison with industry stakeholders across the drilling community on well control issues. He will lead the specific efforts as directed by the Executive Board to ensure that the work produced by the WCI is consistent with the industry’s proactive approach to improving well control performance worldwide.

“Well control impacts the entire drilling community – operators, drilling contractors, well service providers and equipment manufacturers. The formation of the WCI and the governance of it by representatives from each of these groups represent a unique opportunity for the drilling community to come together to collaborate on improved industry performance and reliability of well control,” said Mr. Swindle.  “In the many conversations we have had with industry representatives, including regulators, the response to the formation of the WCI and its vision has been extraordinarily positive. I’m very excited about the future as we move forward with the WCI to address this extremely important issue.”


IADC President and CEO Stephen Colville welcomes Cason Swindle as WCI Executive Director.

“A lot of behind-the-scenes work has been going on these last few months. Members of various IADC committees and sub-committees have shown a passion and commitment to the vision of WCI. We all see this journey as an opportunity to take a good hard look at how we train and assess our personnel in well control. We have the opportunity to put everything under the microscope and ask ourselves “Are there better ways to help the people in our industry to learn, understand and put-into-practice the principles of kick prevention and kick control”,” said Mr Lodge.

Mr Swindle will be based in Houston and Mr Lodge in Aberdeen.  Updated information will be forthcoming as the WCI continues its work.

IADC Undergoing Branding Changes

IADC is changing. Building on almost 75 years of success, IADC is demonstrating a renewed commitment to catalyzing improved performance for the drilling industry by focusing on operational integrity and serving as a champion for better regulation. IADC members have worked together to develop new initiatives guaranteed to change the industry for the better and maintain our license to operate.  The Well Control Institute, the Workforce Development and Attraction Initiative, rewrites of key IADC books and forms and a top-to-bottom revamp of IADC’s Knowledge, Skills and Abilities are some of the key ways in which IADC has brought the drilling industry together to work collaboratively on initiatives that will reach the goal of improving performance while also advocating for transparent and fair regulation.

To visually reflect these changes, IADC will introduce a new logo, and an updated look and feel to our brand in March. Over the next several months, you will start to see these changes on everything from the IADC website to brochures and other communications. IADC’s new look will be fully revealed at the 2014 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference & Exhibition, 4-6 March in Fort Worth.

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Issues Initial Final Rule on Medical Records

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued its initial Final Rule on medical records in anticipation of state programs expected to be in place by 30 January 2014.  A rule that had a deadline of 30 January 2014 would have allowed interstate CDL drivers to leave their medical cards at home once their medical certification status was entered onto their driving records. The FMCSA is now delaying that deadline until January 30, 2015.

Because the state programs are still being worked through, the FMCSA issued a Final Rule in the 14 January Federal Register amending its regulations to stay in effect until 30 January 2015. Interstate drivers who are subject to commercial driver’s license (CDL) or Commercial Learner’s Permit Regulations and federal physical qualification requirements, must retain paper copies of their medical examiner’s certificate when operating a commercial vehicle.

The delay gives state licensing agencies more time to process certification information from their CDL licensees, as required under the rule.  In addition, interstate motor carriers are required to retain copies of their drivers’ medical certificates in their driver qualification files.

For more information, contact Rhett Winter at

New Report Forms out for Pump Inspections, Near-Miss Recording

IADC is pleased to introduce two new report forms for the global drilling industry, one an inspection form for mud pumps, and another for recording near-incidents.

These will be available very soon through the IADC Bookstore:

— IADC Mud Pump Inspection Checklist: Maintaining high fluid throughput is essential in many of today’s difficult wells. This new form, available soon, is one that goes to the heart of today’s drilling challenges.

IADC Near Miss Report: Reducing near misses is the next big push in wells safety. This new form, supported by several major international operators, is a huge step forward in wells HSE. The near-miss report is available in two versions, one for drilling, and one for well servicing/workover.

To purchase forms for your rig, visit or call +1-713-292-1945, ext 209 or 215.

Publications Sales Rebranded “IADC Bookstore”

IADC has rebranded its publication sales effort as the IADC Bookstore, reflecting the ongoing revitalization of its books, forms and reference materials.

“These are very exciting times for IADC books and forms,” noted Mike Killalea, group VP/publisher. “Not only are we overhauling IADC’s longtime best sellers, but we will also introduce new titles published by IADC over the next several months.”

Sweeping rewrites are under way on both the definitive rig-operations manual the “IADC Drilling Manual” and the one-of-a-kind “IADC Deepwater Well Control Guidelines.” The deepwater guide rewrite effort is championed and led by work group chairman Louis Romo, BP, assisted by Moe Plaisance, Diamond Offshore, who led the effort to write the original work in the late 1990s.

More than 100 subject-matter experts are hard at work on the Drilling Manual, and another 70 are revamping the deepwater well-control guidelines.

The IADC Bookstore has also revamped its rig checklists, safety-meeting products, HSE Reference Guide and more changes are on the way.

“I am particularly excited about the forthcoming IADC Drilling Series written and peer reviewed by the IADC Technical Publications Committee,” Mr Killalea added. “Under the leadership of Dr Leon Robinson, the IADC Drilling Series will present fresh and long-needed material across a range of key drilling topics.”

The first volume, “Well Cementing Operations,” by noted cementing expert Ron Sweatman, is expected to hit bookshelves this spring.

Access the IADC Bookstore at or call +1-713-292-1945, ext 209 or 215 and ask for Jimmie Cobbin or Loretta Krolczyk. To join the Drilling Manual or Deepwater Well Control Guidelines effort, contact Fran Kennedy Ellis at

Reach the Rig with your Message

If your company markets to the drilling business, consider advertising on IADC’s exclusive rig-site forms and checklists. Marketing your company’s products and services through these unique IADC rig reports secure an in-your-face presence to rig-based operations personnel at the rig site.

High-visibility advertising is available on the front and back covers, as well as on the inside “flap,” which separate each pad’s sets of carbonless paper, preventing ink bleed through. Visit the Drilling Contractor website to see illustrations of the form layout.

IADC rig reports include:

IADC Drilling Rig Safety Inspection Checklist: Recently revised, the Rig Safety Inspection Checklist is indispensable on the rig as a comprehensive guide to key hazards.

IADC Safety Meeting Topic and Record Book: Safety meetings on the rig are more important than ever, and the IADC Safety Meeting Topic and Record Book are a rig crew’s guide to vital HSE topics. Significant revisions were incorporated into this popular form to highlight important safety topics in today’s complex drilling industry. Further, the form was reorganized to improve the flow of topics in this popular form.

IADC Weekly Safety Meeting Report: Crews can choose their own topics for discussion using this convenient and fast-selling form.

IADC Daily Engine Report: The newly revised IADC Daily Engine Report is an essential record of drilling engine temperature and pressures. Among the functional improvements is space for measurements of additional mud pumps.

— IADC Mud Pump Inspection Checklist: Maintaining high fluid throughput is essential in many of today’s difficult wells. This new form, available soon, is one that goes to the heart of today’s drilling challenges.

IADC Near Miss Report: Reducing near misses is the next big push in wells safety. This new form, supported by several major international operators, is a huge step forward in wells HSE. The near-miss report is available in two versions, one for drilling, one for well servicing/workover.

For information on advertising, contact Bill Krull,, +1-713-535-1521. To purchase forms for your rig, visit or call +1-713-292-1945, ext 209 or 215.

Accreditation Updates


  • Gulf Coast Training Technologies, Broussard, Louisiana (Conditional);
  • AVS Multiservices Pvt Ltd; Delhi, India (Conditional);
  • Pan American Well Control School, Argentina (Conditional);
  • Al-Kebar Petroleum Services, Saudi Arabia (Conditional)


  • Misr Training Center, Egypt (Conditional);
  • Norton Energy Drilling, USA (Conditional);
  • HSE Training Solutions, Colombia (Conditional);
  • QHSE Energy Services, Peru (Conditional);
  • Petrosphere Learning Systems Inc., Philippines (Conditional);
  • Universidad Tecnologica de Tabasco, Mexico (Conditional);
  • Nabors Drilling USA, USA;
  • C&J Energy Services, USA (Conditional);
  • Chesapeake Oilfield Services, USA (Conditional)


  • Maplo Training Center, Brazil;
  • San Antonio Internacional, Colombia;
  • Q Training & Supplies SAS, Colombia;
  • Gesco Training, Egypt (Conditional);
  • MindMerge Training Center, Saudi Arabia (Conditional)

Safety Alerts

For the latest safety alerts, visit

Alert 14-01: Internal explosion ruptures crown mounted compensator ring

Alert 14-02: Drop object results in lost time incident

Alert 14-02: Struck by incident results in leg injury



  • IADC Health, Safety, Environment & Training Conference & Exhibition, 4-5 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC ART Future Technology Subcommittee Meeting, 30 January, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC ART Committee Meeting, 31 January, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC HSE Environmental Subcommittee Meeting, 3 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC HSE & Workforce Development Combined Committees Meeting, 3 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC ART BOP Controls Subcommittee Meeting, 5 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Operational Risk Management (ORM) Committee Meeting, 6 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC UBO & MPD Committee Meeting, 11-13 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Well Servicing Rig Inspection Task Group Meeting, 18 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Well Servicing Coiled Tubing Subcommittee Meeting, 18 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Well Control Committee Meeting, 19 February, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Ethics & Compliance Committee Meeting, 20 February, Houston, Texas;
  • 2014 IADC/SPE Drilling Conference & Exhibition, 4-6 March, Forth Worth, Texas

Rigs Receive ISP Certificates

For certificates received since last LTI (in years):

  • Aban Offshore Ltd.: Aban VI (5);
  • Atwood Oceanics: Atwood Osprey (2);
  • Ensco: Ensco 107 (5); Ensco 5000 (1); Ensco 5005 (6); Ensco Mad Dog (4);
  • Essar Oilfield Services India Ltd.: LR #3 (1); Essar Wildcat (5);
  • JO PDSI – AOS: KS Java Star (1):
  • Nabors Drilling International Ltd.: 040 (2); 298 (4); 529 (6); 814 (7); 859 (2); 862 (1); Q2000 (1);
  • National Drilling Services Co. LLC.: Rig #31 (6); Rig #32 (6);
  • Northern Offshore: Energy Enhancer (3);
  • PV Drilling: PV Drilling III (4); PV Drilling V (1);
  • UMW Standard Drilling SDN BHD: Naga 2 (1); Naga 3 (2)
For certificates received since last recordable incident (in years):
  • Aban Singapore PTE Ltd.: Aban VII (2); Deep Driller 4 (2); Deep Driller 5 (3);
  • Ensco: Ensco 5000 (1); Ensco 6001 (1);
  • Northern Offshore: Energy Enhancer (3);
  • Parker Drilling Co.: Rig 256 (1);
  • Scandrill Inc.: Scan Eagle (2); Scan Endeavor (2); Scan Star (1); Scan Texas (2);
  • Sidewinder Drilling Inc.: Rig 17 (1); Rig 60 (1); Rig 110 (1); Rig 127 (1); Rig 128 (1); Rig 209 (2); Rig 219 (1); Rig 230 (1); Canebrake 102 (1); Canebrake 103 (1);
  • Unit Drilling Company: Rig 23 (1); Rig 107 (3); Rig 123 (2); Rig 154 (5); Rig 306 (1); Rig 321 (1); Rig 323 (3);
  • Unit Texas Drilling LLC: Rig 201 (2); Rig 325 (1)

New IADC Members

IADC welcomes 35 new members:

  • Actuant Corporation, Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin;
  • American Safety Services Inc., Odessa, Texas;
  • Antelope Oil Tool and Manufacturing Co., Mineral Wells, Texas;
  • Arabian Ocean Marine Services LLC, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates;
  • Beijing Orion Energy Technology & Deveopment Co., Beijing, China;
  • Copeland International, Inc., Houston, Texas;
  • Cowboy Drilling and Exploration, LLC, Angel Fire, New Mexico;
  • Dot Readiness Group, Inc., Odessa, Texas;
  • DSI Thru-Tubing Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada;
  • Filtermag International Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona;
  • Horizon Occupational Safety & Health Training Institute and Services, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan;
  • Inquest, Inc., Houston, Texas;
  • Jimsylva Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria;
  • Kheiron Corporation, Lafayette, Louisiana;
  • Kuldipsingh Oilfield Services N.V., Paramaribo, Suriname;
  • Moog Inc., East Aurora, New York;
  • Morgan Marine Pty Ltd., Applecross, Western Australia, Australia;
  • National Energy Skills Centre, Drilling Academy, Point Lisas, Couva, Trinidad and Tobago;
  • NSSLGlobal Ltd., Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom;
  • Oilman Group PTE, Ltd., Singapore;
  • Onward LLC, Kemah, Texas;
  • Osborn International, Burgwald, Germany;
  • Randstad Mena, Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
  • Shenkai Petroleum LLC, Houston, Texas;
  • Sila Kalite Kontrol Muayene Gozetim Denetim Hiz. San. Tic. Ltd. Sti., Bursa, Turkey;
  • SMD, Houston, Texas;
  • Spooltech, LLC, Houston, Texas;
  • System Improvements (Tap Root), Knoxville, Tennessee;
  • Techshore Inspection Services, Cochin, Kerala, India;
  • Tianjin Pan Pacific Bosun Oilfield Technology Ltd., Beijing, China;
  • Titan Petroservices, Midland, Texas;
  • Ultra Analytical Group, LLC, League City, Texas;
  • Victory Marine Services WLL, Manama, Bahrain;
  • Warrior Rig Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada;
  • Winches Inc., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

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