IADC DDR Plus™ v2.0 BETA: A New Standard for Drilling Data Acquisition

Please note: IADC DDR Plus™ is currently in BETA. Subject to change.

The IADC DDR Plus™ is a print and electronic data collection system aimed at securing accurate and relevant drilling data that industry can use to assess performance against drilling Key Performance Indicators. Increasingly, the drilling industry’s advances in sensor capability and computer power is enabling higher levels of automation.

A survey of IADC members indicated that industry wished a standardized manner of importing data into the IADC DDR to meet increasing demands for automated reporting.

After a year-long process, the IADC Drilling Controls Systems Subcommittee of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee expanded the legacy main codes and created a series of cascading sub-codes to improve granularity in reporting.

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IADC DDR Plus™ will be available as an electronic schema, and also in a traditional paper format. Both will be phased in starting January 2020. Comments on DDR Plus should be submitted no later than 30 November 2019. Use the form below.

The IADC DDR Plus™ was developed by the IADC Drilling Controls Systems Subcommittee, which operates under the auspices of the IADC Advanced Rig Technology Committee.

We welcome your comments and questions on the IADC DDR Plus™! Please complete and submit the form below, and we will respond as soon as possible! Thank you for your support of IADC and the IADC DDR Plus™.