International Onshore Division

About the Division

The International Onshore Division was formed to increase support of IADC members with onshore operations in locations outside of North America.

The primary mechanism for communicating, collaborating, and creating solutions to specific issues that concern these members is the division’s Advisory Panel.

The Advisory Panel will work collaboratively to address issues, such the following:

  • Environmental protection and economic liability
  • Public aversion toward drilling and hydraulic fracturing
  • Access to new exploration drilling and production areas
  • Import and exportation of drilling equipment
  • Local content employment ratios

The Advisory Panel meets three times per year in association with IADC conferences.

Division Leaders

  • Vice President: Niels Espeland, President, International at Precision Drilling
  • IADC Staff Liaison: Mike DuBose, Vice President – International Development, IADC


IADC Committee activities are governed by IADC’s Antitrust Policy and Guidelines. Click here for information on the policy and guidelines.