The Workforce Attraction and Development Initiative (WADI), which represents the development phase for new programs initiated by IADC’s Workforce Development Committee, has launched its first program: Gateway.

The first training track within the Gateway program is called Introduction to Oil & Gas. This track is intended to help companies connect with colleges and training providers to attract, hire, train, and promote onshore and offshore O&G workers worldwide.

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Potential candidates are recruited and screened for entry-level rig positions, then prepared for employment in the O&G industry. The program offers a standard baseline curriculum comprising RigPass, Awareness-level well control, a general introduction to the industry, behavioral training (human factors), a module on rig life, technical math, rigging basics, electrical and fluid safety, industrial practices, and considerable hands-on training.

This training track is designed to better prepare new employees for working on a rig, thereby helping companies to improve the safety culture in the field while reducing the turnover rate.

If you or your organization want more information about Gateway or want to apply for accreditation, please fill out the following form and email it to Gateway Request for Information Form.

Yesterday’s expertise. Today’s needs. Tomorrow’s potential.

The drilling industry faces a unique challenge today when it comes to recruiting the right people for the right roles.

An entire generation of experienced and specialized workers is retiring, taking with them their expertise. The modern drilling workforce is training to fill these open roles, while also keeping up with present-day changes and growth. Demand for more workers and a higher level of technological skills is increasing.

IADC’s Gateway program brings industry and educational institutions together to strengthen the ability to find new employees, but also ensure those people are prepared for life on a rig, for contributing to the safety culture, and for achieving competence faster.

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Originally Aired: 27 June, 2017 @ 10.00 CDT

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The drilling industry faces a unique challenge today when it comes to recruiting the right people for the right roles, just as the industry is beginning to recover. Demand for workers with a higher level of technical skills is increasing, just as an entire generation of veteran employees retires. The modern drilling workforce must train to fill these roles, as well as to develop the next generation of operations and technology.

IADC’s Gateway program brings together industry and educational institutions to strengthen industry’s ability not only to find new employees, but to ensure that those people are prepared for life on a rig, can contribute to the safety culture, and will achieve competence quickly.

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The pre-recorded event features seasoned drilling-industry learning-and-development professionals.


  • Pamela Wakefield, Director of Training, Patterson-UTI
  • Linda Head, Associate Vice Chancellor of Workforce Education and Corporate Sponsorship, Lone Star College
  • Brooke Polk, Director – Program Development & Technology, IADC
  • Mike Killalea, Group VP/Publisher, IADC & (moderator)

Pamela Wakefield

Linda Head

Brooke Polk

Mike Killalea

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