IADC Crane-Rigger Training Program

IADC’s Crane-Rigger Training accreditation program is based on the principle that consistent, credible, verifiable training reduces the potential for incidents.

IADC members—including operators, drilling contractors, professional trainers, and other specialists—collaborated to develop the program, which comprises the following:

  • Curricula and learning objectives for the courses listed below
  • Guidance for knowledge and skills assessments
  • Instructor qualification requirements
  • Hardware and equipment requirements
  • Requirements for acquiring and maintaining accreditation
  • Requirements and recommendations for content delivery
  • Additional resources that will be useful for trainers and employers


Basic Rigger – provides foundational knowledge and skills needed by personnel fulfilling job positions that include rigging responsibilities.

Crane Operator – addresses routine and non-routine crane operations involving the two basic types of cranes (mechanical and non-mechanical [i.e., electric/hydraulic]) and is designed specifically for the Crane Operator position.

Courses include both knowledge and skills assessments before a certificate is awarded.

IADC’s Crane-Rigger Training program is now available! Contact us to for more information.

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