DRILLBITS – February 2014

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Revised IADC Daywork Drilling Contract – US Land Now Available

The IADC Daywork Drilling Contract – US Land provides a model for drilling operations conducted on a continuous per-day price, from start of well through final depth. The new form reflects the first major update in a decade. The newly available form, bearing the revision date of November 2013, was updated by the IADC Contracts Committee. It includes several updates to address latest case law and to more clearly address its usability for multi-well and term period contracts.

The form is available in both print and electronic formats and can be obtained at the IADC Bookstore. To order via phone, please contact Jimmie Cobbin at ext 209.


Department of Labor/OSHA Issue Final Standard on Construction Cranes and Derricks

On 9 August, the US Department of Labor/OSHA issued a final standard establishing requirements for cranes and derricks used in construction work. The standard requires employers ensure that crane operators on construction sites are certified by 10 November 2014. Until that date, employers must ensure that operators are competent to safely operate a crane.

After the standard was issued, a number of parties informed OSHA of serious problems and limitations associated with the crane operator certification, namely that it would not guarantee sufficient safety on construction sites. OSHA will address these problems through separate possible rulemaking on operator qualification.

To ensure safe operation of cranes beyond November 2014, the agency is extending the existing employer responsibility to ensure crane operator competency by 3 years, until November 2017. The enforcement date for operators to be certified will also be extended by three years.

IADC HSE Case Guidelines Revision Complete

IADC recently published Version 3.5 of the IADC HSE Case Guidelines for MODU. The revised version aligns terminology with ISO Guide 73:2009 – Risk Management Vocabulary and ISO 31000:2009 – Risk Management Principles and Guidelines. This alignment is reflected throughout the text of the Guidelines, as well as in Appendix 2 – Terms and Definitions.

New to Version 3.5 are gap analyses between the HSE Case Guidelines and the following:

  • Directive 2013/30/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 June 2013 on Safety of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations and amending Directive 2004/35/EC – specifically Annex 1, Section 3, “Information to be Submitted in a Report on Major Hazards for a Non-production Installation”
  • New Zealand – Health and Safety in Employment (Petroleum Exploration and Extraction) Regulations 2013 – specifically Schedule 4, “Information Required in Safety Case for Installation”.

The gap analysis for use of the HSE Case Guidelines in Denmark has also been updated to reflect current regulations.

The guidelines are available for free download via IADC’s website.

For additional information of questions regarding the Guidelines, please contact Julia Swindle at


US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association Proposes Role for CDL Holders

In February, the US Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) announced a proposed rule to establish a drug and alcohol clearinghouse for all national CDL holders. Essentially, this would establish a database under the agency’s administration that would contain drug and alcohol test result information for all holders of CDLs.

The proposed rule would require FMCSA-regulated motor carrier employers, Medical Review Officers (MROs), Substance Abuse Professionals (SAPs) and consortia/third party administrators (C/TPAs) supporting US D.O.T. testing programs to report the following:

  • Verified positive, adulterated and substituted drug test results
  • Positive alcohol test results
  • Test refusals
  • Negative return-to-duty test results
  • Information on follow-up testing.

The proposed rule would also require employers to report actual knowledge of traffic citations for driving a commercial motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It would require laboratories that provide FMCSA-regulated motor carrier employers with DOT drug testing services to report annual, summary information about their testing activities.

Finally, each CDL holder would need to provide consent before an employer could access the clearinghouse. Drivers who refuse to provide the information could still be employed by their perspective company, however, they could not occupy safety-sensitive positions, such as operation of a CMV.

Comments are due by 21 April. If you would like IADC to submit comments on your behalf, please return them by 1 April to Rhett Winter at


API Issues 2014 Standards Plan

API recently issued the 2014 Standards Plan, highlighting documents expected to be published in 2014 and those that are currently in the editorial process.

Of particular interest to IADC’s drilling contractor members are the following:

  • Recommended Practice 505, Recommended Practice for Classification of Locations for Electrical Installations at Petroleum Facilities Classified as Class I, Zone 0, Zone 1 and Zone 2, 2nd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014)
  • API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspection Code: Maintenance Inspection, Rating, Repair and Alteration, 10th Edition.  (Currently in the editorial process and expected to be published in 2014).
  • Specification 7-2, Specification for Threading and Gauging of Rotary Shouldered Thread Connections, 2nd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 10B-4, Recommended Practice on Preparation and Testing of Foamed Cement Slurries at Atmospheric Pressure, 2nd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Specification 11D1, Packers and Bridge Plugs, 3rd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 13B-2, Recommended Practice for Field Testing Oil-based Drilling Fluids, 5th Edition. (Currently in the editorial process and expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 13C, Recommended Practice on Drilling Fluid Processing Systems Evaluation, 5th Edition. (Currently in the editorial process and expected to be published in 2014).
  • Specification 16A, Specification for Drill-through Equipment, 4th Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Standard 16AR, Repair and Remanufacture of Blowout Prevention Equipment, 1st Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Specification 16C, Choke and Kill Systems, 2nd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Specification 16D, Control Systems for Drilling Well Control Equipment and Control Systems for Diverter Equipment, 3rd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 16Q, Design, Selection, Operation and Maintenance of Marine Drilling Riser Systems, 2nd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 17G, Recommended Practice for Completion/Workover Riser Systems, 3rd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Standard 20G, Qualification of Welding Suppliers, 1st Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 2D, Operation and Maintenance of Offshore Cranes, 7th Edition (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 64, Diverter Systems Equipment and Operations, 3rd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 92M, Managed Pressure Drilling Operations, 1st Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 92U, Underbalanced Drilling Operations, 2nd Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).
  • Recommended Practice 99, Flash Fire Risk Assessment for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry, 1st Edition. (Expected to be published in 2014).

New Book, ‘Well Cementing Operations’, Available Soon in the IADC Bookstore

“Well Cementing Operations” covers techniques and developments never before published in a single source – overview of basic well-cementing theory, best practices and real-world applications, calculations and problem-solving exercises. The newly published book is perfectly suited for both newly hired and experienced rig-based personnel, students and engineers in the offices.

Authored by noted expert Ron Sweatman, with contributions and edits from some of the world’s most renowned drilling engineers, “Well Cementing Operations” is a comprehensive and in-depth treatment of cementing. Historically available only through experience or industry short courses, the information contained in the handbook is a valuable learning tool for readers at all levels. The book will be available for purchase in both hard copy and electronic formats.

Published under the auspices of the IADC Technical Publications Committee, “Well Cementing Operations” is a must for the rig, office or classroom.

Accreditation Updates


  • Al-Kebar Petroleum Services, Saudi Arabia (Conditional);
  • Pan American Energy Well Control School, Argentina (Conditional);
  • Maersk Training Brasil, Brazil (Conditional).


  • West Virginia University, USA;
  • Southeast Safety & Health LLC, USA;
  • Phoenix Technology Services USA, Inc., USA; (Conditional)
  • Mark III Plant Construction LTD, USA;
  • Safety Solutions, LLC, USA;
  • DOT Readiness Group, Inc., USA;
  • Asesoria En Seguridad Industrial S.C., USA (Conditional);
  • Titan Petroservices, USA (Conditional)


  • CFP Querecual, Venezuela (Conditional);
  • Onward LLC, USA, (Conditional)

Safety Alerts

For the latest safety alerts, visit

Alert 14-04: Blocks fall to rig floor after drill line came off of the drawworks

Alert 14-05: Air winch line caught in derrick fingers results in an employee being pulled off of the rig floor

Alert 14-06: Tank cable strike results in injury to employee


Rigs Receive ISP Certificates

For certificates received since last LTI (in years):

  • Ensco: Ensco 58 (3); Ensco 67 (7); Ensco 96 (14); Ensco 108 (6); Ensco DS-3 (4);
  • Pacific Drilling: Pacific Mistral (2); Pacific Santa Ana (1); Pacific Scirocco (2);
  • Songa Offshore: Songa Trym (1);
  • Weather Drilling International (BVI) Ltd.: Rig 100 (3); Rig 171 (3); Rig 174 (16); Rig 423 (2); Rig 483 (1); Rig 485 (4); Rig 777 (3); Rig 798 (4); Rig 803 (1); Rig 820 (4); Rig 821 (4); Rig 825 (2); Rig 842 (4); Rig 843 (1); Rig 870 (1); Bangladesh Support Team (3); Chad Support Team (12); Egypt Transport Team (10); Kenya Support Team (2); Kuwait Transport Team (12); Pakistan Support Team (2).
For certificates received since last recordable incident (in years):
  • Cactus Drilling Co. Ltd.: 111 (5); 160 (1); 129 (2); 137 (2); 121 (2); 132 (1); 102 (4); 118 (2); 109 (3); 110 (2); 149 (2); 123 (1); 116 (3); 154 (1); 107 (2); 153 (2);
  • Ensco: Ensco 58 (3); Ensco 94 (9); Ensco 104 (1); Ensco 8505 (1);
  • Pacific Drilling: Pacific Bora (1); Pacific Santa Ana (1);
  • Sidewinder Drilling Inc.: 222 (1); 227 (3);
  • Triumph Drilling: Triumph 101 (2);
  • Unit Drilling Company: Rig 102 (1); Rig 121 (1); Rig 312 (1);
  • Unit Texas Drilling LLC: Rig 310 (2); Rig 341 (2);
  • Weatherford Drilling International (BVI) Ltd.: Rig 3 (4); Rig 146 (1); Rig 155 (1); Rig 174 (1); Rig 291 (3); Rig 423 (2); Rig 777 (3); Rig 801 (1); Rig 818 (1); Rig 820 (4); Rig 825 (2); Rig 870 (1); Bangladesh Support Team (3); CSG 7 (1); CSG 8 (1); Kenya Support Team (2); Pakistan Support Team (2);

New IADC Members

IADC welcomes 47 new members:

  • Affinity Power Systems, Houston, Texas;
  • Asesoria en Seguridad Industrial S.C., Ciudad Del Carmen; Campeche, Mexico;
  • Asia Offshore Group PTE, Ltd., Singapore;
  • Badlands Integrity Group, Dickinson, North Dakota;
  • Baker & McKenzie LLP, London, England, United Kingdom;
  • Baywater Drilling Company, LLC, Houma, Louisiana;
  • Black Butte Drilling, LLC, Great Falls, Montana;
  • Cactus Premier Drilling Services SAOC, Muscat, Oman;
  • Curtis Davis Garrard LLP, London, United Kingdom;
  • Energy Drilling Australia PTY Limited, Yeronga, Queensland, Australia;
  • Energy Drilling Management PTE Ltd, Singapore;
  • ETM Training Services Institute S.C., Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico;
  • Falcon Rigs, Inc, Cashion, Oklahoma;
  • Frank Henry Equipment (FHE); Fruita, Colorado;
  • G3 Drilling & Blasting, Inc., Burleson, Texas;
  • Gekko Group, Inc., Houston, Texas;
  • Global Safety Training & Advisory Services, Hutto, Texas;
  • Horizon Cable Service, Inc., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma;
  • HPC Energy Services, Houton, Texas;
  • Ibalgram CIA LTDA, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador;
  • Industrial Tools International FZCO, Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
  • Inerco – Forespro, Sevilla, Spain;
  • J Mar & Associates, Addison, Texas;
  • Kareva Marketing GMBH, Hamburg, Germany;
  • Legacy Safety and Consulting LLC, Adkins, Texas;
  • Mark III Plant Construction Ltd., Sealy, Texas;
  • M/S Rasson Energy India Pvt, Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India;
  • Oilfield Integrity Management Limited, Aberdeen, United Kingdom;
  • Oilfield Machinery Limited (OILMAC), Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom;
  • Outerwear USA, Wolfforth, Texas;
  • PDIMT International Fire and Industrial Safety Engine, Orissa, India;
  • Pioneer Resources Oilfield Services, Philippines;
  • Prime Eco Group, Inc., Wharton, Texas;
  • Quality Servicios Empresariales S.A. de C.V., Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico;
  • Rigfit International LLC, Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
  • Secon, Lafayette, Louisiana;
  • Shandong Shengli Vocational College, Dongying, Shandong, China;
  • Sovereign Drilling Services, Odessa, Texas;
  • Stanley Smith Consulting Inc., Midland, Texas;
  • TDS, Houston, Texas;
  • Thurman Drilling, Inc., Santo, Texas;
  • Triada Service CIA LTDA, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador;
  • Tubestar Oil and Gas Services PVT Ltd., Navi Mumbai, India;
  • Uniterm Nigeria Limited, Port Harcourt, Nigeria;
  • Worldwide Machinery, Ltd., Channelview, Texas.

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