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IADC South East Asia Chapter Elects Officers

Members of the IADC South East Asia Chapter elected new Chapter Officers at a 1 April Extraordinary General Meeting in Singapore.

The purpose of the meeting was to act on the desire of both IADC and the member companies located in South East Asia to revitalize the dormant chapter and elect new office bearers to replace the current officials. Officers include:

 Chairman: Glenn Gipson of Diamond Offshore

Vice Chairman: Manav Kumar of Dynamic Offshore Drilling

Newly elected South East Asia Chapter officers meet with members of the IADC International Development Division. From left: Graham Buchan, Glenn Gipson, Manav Kumar, Mike DuBose, Derek Morrow and Chit Hlaing

Newly elected South East Asia Chapter officers meet with members of the IADC International Development Division. From left: Graham Buchan, Glenn Gipson, Manav Kumar, Mike DuBose, Derek Morrow and Chit Hlaing

Secretary/Treasurer: Graham Buchan of Halliburton

The newly elected officers will be working closely with IADC and the support of other appointed Chapter Advisory Support Committee members from other IADC member companies in the region to pursue a further candidate for a second Vice Chairman position.

The South East Asia Chapter remains a registered entity with the Registrar of Societies, Singapore, and aspires to strengthen and grow its prominence and network of members in the region.

For more information, please contact Chit Hlaing at


API Publishes Recommended Practice 99, Flash Fire Risk Assessment for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry

API recently published Recommended Practice 99, Flash Fire Risk Assessment for the Upstream Oil and Gas Industry, First Edition. The recommended practice provides guidelines on hazard identification and risk assessment exercises to assess and mitigate the risk of human injury caused by exposure to a flash fire.

The scope of the document is limited to personnel exposed to the risk of hydrocarbon based flash fires in the upstream exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry.

For more information and to order, visit API’s website

IADC Issues Latest International Regulatory and Standardization Activities affecting the Offshore Oil and Gas Industries Report

The newest edition of IADC’s semi-annual report, International Standards Activities Affecting the Offshore Oil and Gas Industries is now available via IADC’s website.

Among other important topics, highlights of the report include the following:

  • Possible amendments to the ILO’s Maritime Labour Convention, now that it has entered into force
  • Development of a mandatory IMO Code for ships operating in Polar waters
  • Amendments to the MODU Codes to mandate enclosed space entry and rescue drills
  • Revised IMO Recommendations for the Training and Certification of Personnel on Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs)
  • Revised IMO Guidelines for a structure of an integrated system of contingency planning for shipboard emergencies
  • Carriage of more than 12 industrial personnel on board vessels engaged in international voyages
  • IACS Guide for the Development of Shipboard Technical Manuals
  • ISO TR 31004:2013 – Risk Management – Guidance for the implementation of ISO 31000
  • ISO TR 12489:2013 – Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries – Reliability modeling and calculation of safety systems
  • API Bulletin 97 – Well Construction Interface Document Guidelines, First Edition
  • OGP Standards and guidelines for drilling, well constructions and well operations
  • OGP Shaping safety culture through safety leadership

For more information on the report, please contact Alan Spackman at

OGP Publishes Report 501: Crew Resource Management for Well Operations Teams

OGP recently published Report 501: Crew Resource Management for Well Operations Teams. The report is a result of a project undertaken by the University of Aberdeen on behalf of OGP. Its aim was to develop a recommended syllabus for Crew Resource Management (CRM) training customized to the needs of well operations teams.

To access the report, visit OGP’s website.

European Union Offshore Authorities Group Considers Industry Input on EU Offshore Safety Directive

On 1 April, IADC was represented at the European Union Offshore Authorities Group (EUOAG) meeting in Brussels to discuss implementation of the EU Offshore Safety Directive. Industry representatives were invited to participate in the meeting to provide comment on the common reporting format of offshore safety incidents. Those in attendance highlighted their concerns about the criteria used in defining a reportable release of hydrocarbons. Both IADC and OGP would like to see a common global standard and recommended API 754 and OGP Report 456 as the defining standards. The EUOAG agreed to further consider these comments and a final set of revised documents is being circulated.

For more information, please contact John Boogaerdt at

US Fish and Wildlife Services to Revisit Listing Unique Grouse Population in Nevada and California

The US Fish and Wildlife Service is revisiting its proposal from last fall to list a subpopulation of the greater sage grouse found in central California and southwest Nevada as threatened. The service is also reopening a proposal to designate 1.8 million acres as critical habitat to help save the bird, according to a notice published in the 8 April Federal Register.

The Fish and Wildlife Service is reopening the public comment period for both proposals, and will accept public input through 9 June. A final determination will be made in April 2015.

For more information, please contact Joe Hurt at or Bill Tanner at

IADC Visits MTC Training Facility in Amsterdam

In April, IADC’s John Boogaerdt visited the Maritime Training Centre’s (MTC) offshore safety training facility in Amsterdam. The facility is housed in an old shipyard building near the center of Amsterdam and boasts separate pools for two helicopter underwater-escape training (HUET) modules and sea survival and lifeboat training. Training classes are run in parallel, which minimizes waiting time for participants. The facility also includes a 16 m high wind turbine mock-up for escape training and a virtual reality room for team training.

MTC Amsterdam has innovative practices designed to increase training efficiency. For example, assessing the competencies of each participant before a course enables their training to be focused on the skills and knowledge they lack. In this way, the training is more interactive and reduces the training time for experienced workers.

For more information, please contact John Boogaerdt at or visit the MTC Amersterdam website.

Melissa Mejias joins IADC as Legislative Analyst

Melissa Mejias recently joined IADC as Legislative Analyst within the Policy, Government and Regulatory Affairs Division. In her role, Ms. Mejias will focus on offshore legislation and assist with international affairs. She is based in Washington D.C.

Previously, she held a safety compliance and environmental role as Manager of Marine Safety and Investigations at the Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry. There, she assisted with writing and revising maritime rules and regulations and the development of regulatory policy, while also advising on relevant regulatory and legislative developments affecting the offshore industry. She has received global recognition for assisting in the resolution of several high profile maritime labor cases.

Melissa is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and has a Master of Public Administration from American University. She also holds a Third Mate’s Unlimited License and is a Lieutenant in the Navy Reserves.

She can be reached at 202.293.0670 or via email at

Accreditation Updates


  • Imex International, Pakistan (Conditional);


  • Badlands Integrity Group, USA;
  • Amer Maritime Training Academy, India (Conditional);
  • Pioneer Resources Oilfield Services, Philippines (Conditional);
  • Kheiron Corporation, USA;
  • Guelo Safety Training, Ecuador (Conditional):


  • Frank Henry Equipment, USA (Conditional)


Safety Alerts

For the latest safety alerts, visit

Alert 14-10: Dropped landing string results in near miss

Alert 14-11: Lack of communications results in fatality

Alert 14-12: Equipment shift during rig up results in near miss



  • IADC Well Servicing Coiled Tubing Subcommittee Meeting, 13 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC ART BOP Controls Subcommittee Meeting, 14 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Drilling Onshore Conference & Exhibition, 15 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC ART Future Technology Workshop, 20 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC ART Committee Meeting, 20 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Well Control Committee Meeting, 21 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Ethics & Compliance Meeting, 22 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC Training and Manning Workgroup, 29 May, Houston, Texas;
  • IADC International Tax Seminar, 5-6 June, New York, New York;
  • 2014 SPE African Health, Safety, Security and Environment and Social Responsibility Conference and Exhibition, 10-12 June, Nairobi, Kenya

Rigs Receive ISP Certificates

For certificates received since last LTI (in years):

  • Nabors Drilling International Ltd: 144 (5); 217 (6); 221 (4); 295 (1); 338 (3); 536 (3); 575 (5); 585 (3); 607 (2); 654 (2); 819 (10); 838 (13); 839 (9); 860 (1); 983 (1); 984 (2); F18 (5); SD7 (1); TC04 (1);
  • Northern Offshore Ltd.: Energy Endeavor (4); Energy Searcher (2);
  • Seadrill Management AME Ltd: Nest Mischief (2);
  • Trinidad Drilling Ltd.: 128 (4).
For certificates received since last recordable incident (in years):
  • Cactus Drilling: 106 (7);
  • COSL Drilling: Bo Hai No. 7 (1); Bo Hai No. 8 (2); Bo Hai No. 12 (1); Bo Hair 4 Hao (1); Bo Hai 9 Hao (1); Hai Yang Shi You 921 (1); Hai Yang Shi You 922 (2); Hai Yang Shi You 923 (2); Hai Yang Shi You 924 (2); Hai Yang Shi You 931 (2); Hai Yang Shi You 936 (2); Hai Yang Shi You 937 (2); Hai Yang Shi You 941 (2); NANHAI 7 (1); Nan Hai Er HAO (1); Nan Hai Yi Hao (2); Yu Song (1);
  • Japan Drilling Co., Ltd.: Hakuryu-10 (3);
  • KCA Deutag Drilling GMBH The Netherlands: T-700 (2);
  • Nabors Drilling International Limited: 143 (1); 144 (5); 338 (3); 654 (2); 802 (4); 827 (5); 862 (1); 983 (1);
  • Parker Drilling: 226 (1); 12B (1); 15B (8); 20B (1); 21B (2); 51B (1);
  • Sidewinder Drilling Inc.: 122 (3); 206 (1); 224 (1);
  • Unit Drilling Company: 9 (1); 15 (3); 26 (4); 125 (2); 309 (1).

New IADC Members

IADC welcomes 32 new members:

  • Alpaccess, Ploiesti, Prahava, Romania;
  • Barit Maden Turk A.S., Istanbul, Turkey;
  • Centro de Capacitacion y Servicios Industriales SA de CV, Cuautitlan Izcalli, Mexico;
  • Delta Oilfield Services LLC, Dubia, United Arab Emirates;
  • DFW Well Service, LLC, Gainesville, Texas;
  • Dynamic Drilling Holdco PTE, Ltd, Singapore;
  • Dynamic Environmental Services LLC, Geismar, Louisiana;
  • Energy Exploration and Development Co., Ltd., Dubai, United Arab Emirates;
  • Gesco Group, Cairo, Egypt;
  • Geset CIA LTDA, Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador;
  • Global Gravity APS, Esbjerg, Denmark;
  • Helioffshore Ltd: International Offshore Helicopter Association, Redhill, Surrey, United Kingdom;
  • Hughes Risk Management, Carlisle, United Kingdom;
  • IHRDC, Boston, Massachusetts;
  • Integral Oilfield Solutions, LLC, Houston, Texas;
  • International SOS PTE Ltd., Singapore;
  • Jaheziya Tawazun Safety, Security & Disaster Management City, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates;
  • Koliyot Institute of Energy and Research, Kozhikode, Kerala, India;
  • Maok LLC, Saint Petersburg, Russia;
  • Oakwell Inc., Rosenberg, Texas;
  • Offshore Handling Systems Ltd., Shannon, Co Clare, Ireland;
  • Offshore Technical Compliance LLC, Mandeville, Louisiana;
  • Petro Brasil Servicos, Treinamentos e Consultoria LTDA ME, Mossoro, Rio Grande Do Norte, Brazil;
  • Pharos Marine Automatic Power Inc., Houston, Texas;
  • Predictive Analytics, Irving, Texas;
  • Rigforce PTY Ltd, Perth, Australia;
  • SKF, San Diego, California;
  • South Central Louisiana Technical College – Young Memorial Campus, Morgan City, Louisiana;
  • Staff Development Training Center, Al-Jubail, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia;
  • Texas Chrome Transport, Atascosa, Texas;
  • Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc., Houston, Texas;
  • Vyas Well Control School and Consultancy Services LLP, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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