Safety Alerts Archive

Alert 20-02 Back Injury Caused by Lifting Slings

Alert 20-01 Employee Struck by Drill Line When the Wire Rope Grip (Snake) Parted

Alert 19-06 Rig Floor Plate Falls to Production Deck

19-05 Pulsation Dampener Failure

19-04 Finger Injury Results from BOP Handling

19-03 Racker Cab Window Pane Falls to Drill Floor

Alert 19-02 Foot Fractured Caught Between Shifting Risers

Alert 19-01 Cement Unit Agitator Severs Fingers

Alert 18-03 Small Bore Tubing Failure on BOP Control System

Alert 18-02 Fatality – Struck By/Caught Between Pipe Handling Catwalk Machine

Alert 18-01 Sheared Wireline Tool Results in Dropped Object

Alert 17-06 Offshore Crane Operator Falls Through Dislodged Grating

Alert 17-05 Crown Saver Device – Near Miss

Alert 17-04 Drill Pipe Screen Lodging in Top Drive Results in Near Hit

Alert 17-03 LTI – Hot Water Scald

Alert 17-02 Attempted Robbery During Transport Results in Medical Attention

Alert 17-01 Dropped Casing Results in Equipment Damage

Alert 15-10 Fatality on Drill Floor

Alert 15-09 Near Miss- Dropped Six Pound Sledge Hammer

Alert 15-08 Disabled and Non-Functional Safety Devices Leads to Destruction of Derrick Board

Alert 15-07 Poor Situation Awareness/Line of Fire Incident Results in OSHA Recordable

Alert 15-06 Caught Between Winch Truck and Half Pit

Alert 15-05 RWC – Smashed Finger on Tongs

Alert 15-04 Finger Injury Leads to LTI

Alert 15-03 Lifeboat Unintentionally Released Results in Two Fatalities