Alert 17-01 Dropped Casing Results in Equipment Damage


The operation was running 13 3/8″ casing. Equipment in use was an automated type Single Joint Elevator (SJE) with a mechanical latch mechanism operated by a Service Engineer. The casing joint was situated at the V-door resting on the bottom stopper. After the SJE was placed around the casing joint, the joint was picked up by the Driller. When the SJE was approximately 8 meters above the rig floor, the casing joint came out of the elevator and slid back down the V-door. The casing joint travelled down the catwalk, bounced over the end stopper and cantilever deck handrail and impacted the protection frame of the exhaust pipe lines near the accommodation bulkhead. The casing joint bounced back and came to rest on top of the casing joints stacked on the main deck.