Alert 17-06 Offshore Crane Operator Falls Through Dislodged Grating


The deck crew was preparing to move two gas racks from the well test area. While moving the gas racks the crane block started swinging in an uncontrolled manner. The Crane Operator, in an attempt to regain control, boomed up causing the crane to reach the boom upper limit. However, the continual swinging of the block resulted in it hitting the upper crane pedestal walk-around grating several times.

Once the upper limit was reset by the Electronic Technician, the Crane Operator was able to park the crane in the boom rest and exit the crane cabin to start inspecting the upper crane walkway for damage. During the inspection, the Crane Operator stepped onto a piece of grating causing it to flip up and fall 58 feet (17.6 meters) to the main deck below. As the grating flipped up the Crane Operator managed to grab part of the upper walkway structure and fell 15 feet (4.5 meters) to a staircase below resulting in a fracture of his left leg.


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