Alert 18-02 Fatality – Struck By/Caught Between Pipe Handling Catwalk Machine


A floorhand was caught between a pipe handling catwalk machine and a stanchion post on the drill floor of a dynamically positioned drillship. The operation at the time of the incident was picking up pipe from the pipe handling catwalk machine, making up at the rotary table, and running in the hole. The floorhand was positioned in a step back area adjacent to where the pipe handling catwalk machine enters / exits the drill floor.

The floorhand moved out of the step back area and stood next to a stanchion post adjacent to the pipe handling catwalk machine with his back to the well center. As the catwalk operator moved the catwalk machine away from well center, the floorhand was caught between the platform of the catwalk machine and the stanchion post. The floorhand subsequently died from his injuries.

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