Alert 20-02 Back Injury Caused by Lifting Slings


The task was to prepare 4” Heavy Weight Drill Pipe for transfer from V door to pipe deck.  The Deck Foreman requested one of the deck crew to bring 2 transit slings from the north side of the pipe deck to the bottom of the V-Door.  The IP lifted the 2 slings, bundled together onto his right shoulder (see image below) and proceeded to walk toward the bottom of the V-Door.  After walking approximately 3 – 5 metres he felt a sharp pain in his back and slid the slings from his shoulder onto the deck.  The Deck Foreman asked another member of the crew to escort the IP to the medic. After a short distance the IP had to stop as he was in too much pain to move any further.  Emergency response team (ERT) was summoned to take the IP to the sick bay on a stretcher.  The IP was subsequently medevac’d.

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