Alert 11 – 12 Dropped Object – Low Pressure Riser Dropped 50 Feet


A low pressure riser weighing four (4) tons dropped 50 feet (15 meters) from the diverter onto the platform below. The 25 foot (7.84 meter) long extension joint, or low pressure riser was secured in the rotary table in the diverter spider clamp and the diverter housing was mated to the extension and the securing ring made up tight using the C- spanner and hammer. Once it was secure, the complete assembly was picked up enough to release the spider clamp. The assembly was raised through the rotary table with two roughnecks guiding it to avoid any possible hang ups. No hang ups were noted and the weight indicator was closely monitored. At approximately four feet from clearing the rotary table, part of the assembly dropped down through the rotary table landing 50 feet (15 meters) to the platform below.

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