Alert 10 – 01 Dropped Object – Guide Collar Segment Separates from Winch Line and Falls Into the Water


On a floating rig the guide collar for a down-hole pump assembly was separated into its 2 segments for lifting to the rig floor from the moon pool platform. The master bushings were removed and a winch line was lowered and attached to a rig made handle on the first segment. There was no lifting eye. (See photos below).
Although there was a spotter with UHF radio in the moon pool area and a spotter at the rotary table to signal the winch operator, as the guide collar segment entered the rotary table, it caught on the diverter housing. The handle broke off and the 25 kilogram guide collar fell and struck the moon pool equipment support beams then fell into the water. Since personnel had been evacuated from the drop zone, there were no injuries.

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