Alert 14 – 20 Hand Tool Left on CCU Results in Potential Dropped Object


When receiving baskets and containers from the vessel, the flagman on the platform observed a sledgehammer lying loose on top of a cargo carrying unit (CCU). The weight of the sledgehammer is 2.24 kg (~5 lbs). The possible drop height from the basket to the sea/vessel was estimated to be 60 meters (~197 feet), Impact=1318 J. The landing area on the platform was secured from entry during the cargo operation. The Master of the vessel received confirmation from the crew of the vessel that they were missing one sledgehammer. The last time the sledgehammer had been used was during preparations for loading water based mud at the quay (dock) when the vessel was in port and the bulk hose was connected-up by the vessel crew. During that operation, an object was discovered in the hose by the crew, who informed the bridge. The bridge then requested base personnel come onboard to clear the hose. The operator from the base had borrowed a sledge hammer from one of the vessel’s crew and removed the object from the hose. After the cargo hose had been connected, the sledgehammer was inadvertently placed onto the CCU. The deck crew then connected the hose and opened the loading valve on orders from the bridge. One crew member was appointed as hose guard ensuring that there were no leaks or deviations in the operation. The sledgehammer had not been noticed by the vessel crew before the CCU was sent up to the platform offshore.

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