Alert 14 – 15 Failure to Recognize Hazards Results in Two Downed Powerlines in the Same Day


1st Incident: During rig down operations, a forklift operator told a swamper to move a pole truck across the location and out of the way. The swamper decided to move the truck off of location, but failed to check the height of the poles on the truck. After crossing the cattle guard, the extended pole on the truck made contact with an overhead ground wire causing it to break and fall to the ground.
2nd Incident: After a lengthy safety stand down, a loaded truck was leaving the location and was rounding a right hand curve on the lease road. The truck driver pulled over on the right hand shoulder to avoid a truck parked on the left side. At that time the load leaned to the right on the steep shoulder and made contact with a different power pole. This caused the power pole to break and fall across the lease road. This incident occurred 75 yards past the first incident and approximately 2.5 hours later.

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