Alert 11 – 29 Pipe Used as Anchorage Point on Rig Floor Becomes a Projectile


The drill crew was in the process of placing the Tubing Hanger Running Tool (THRT) back into its transporting/handling skid. The tool was being held by air winches to control swing due to rig motion and high winds. The port bow winch line was strung behind an approximately 12 inch (0.31 meters) hold-back pipe on the Port side V-door King post. This 18 pound (8.2 kilogram) hold back pipe is normally used during this type of operation. Due to the tool weight and motion, the hold-back pipe broke off, flying approximately 30 feet (9.1 meters) and striking the Chiksan® rack on the starboard wind wall. This action caused the THRT to swing and strike the transporting/handling skid, knocking it over. No one was injured but the pipe, which became a projectile as it broke off, passed within 4 feet (1.2 meters) of 3 different employees.

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