Alert 10 – 20 Damage to Starboard Flare Boom


Well testing operations were being conducted which required the installation of flare booms. Eighty-five foot flare booms were fitted to the pre-existing boom turntables of the port and starboard wing decks. The starboard flare boom was fitted first, followed by the port flare boom. Once the flare booms were installed additional heat suppression equipment was installed on both starboard and port flare booms.
The starboard flare boom began rotating slightly on its longitudinal axis and was re-tensioned, which rectified the problem. The starboard flare boom was left extended for approximately 64 hours before hydrocarbons were flared utilizing the starboard burner head for approximately 15 minutes.
After approximately three hours crew members heard a bang from the starboard side of the rig and went to investigate. As a crew member made his way along the starboard side of the rig he noticed that the starboard flare boom burner head was submerged in the water, while the base was still attached to the wing deck with the king post lying almost horizontal above the boom.

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