Alert 09 – 33 Picking Up Drill Collars Results in LTI


While picking up 6 ½” drill collars two 3” X 12” X 36” planks were placed on the catwalk to facilitate removal of the crane slings. When the rig floor hoist picked up the box end, the pin end of the drill collar was resting on a piece of wood (3” high) which made the drill collar ½” higher than the 2 ½ inch angle iron rail edge of the catwalk. As the box end of the collar was being pulled up the beaver slide (pipe/tool slide) to the rig floor, the pin end of the drill collar rolled off the board and over the angle iron then off the cat walk. The drill collar struck the roustabout from behind breaking his arm. The injured roustabout had turned his back to the drill collar and was preparing to connect the crane slings onto another collar on the pipe rack.

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