Alert 09 – 10 Damaged Electric Cord Results in Welder Electrocution


Two contract welders were working side by side in the hole of the bilge pump room in the column of a semi submersible. Welder 1 (Injured Person [IP]) finished his side of the job and welder 2 asked welder 1 to pass the welding lead so welder 2 could weld. Welder 2 got no response from welder 1 and noticed that welder 1 was in contact with the floodlight being used for additional lighting. Welder 2 thought welder 1 might have received an electric shock so welder 2 climbed out of the bilge and disconnected the floodlight and welding cable. Welder 2 immediately called for help. Response team arrived but was unable to revive the IP. Background Note: A Permit To Work (PTW) and a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) were completed for the task. The 220 V floodlight was taken to the work location, but was deemed improper for the job and was moved to the side with the cord wrapped around it, but it was not removed from the work area. At some point in time, the floodlight was put in the bilge hole.

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