Alert 07 – 14 Rig Down Lifting Operation Results in a Fatality


The rig had made a number of moves with tires without breaking down the rig. The crews had not had to break the rig down for a conventional move for some time and the crew was inexperienced in the conventional process of moving a rig. On this move the rig needed to be broken down for a conventional move. The Driller (deceased) with a crew of two Floormen were disconnecting the bridle line from the traveling block. To gain sufficient height to rest the traveling blocks, two pipe racks were brought in and the catwalk was lifted on top of them. As that was not sufficient, the catwalk was lifted one meter by a crane. The work group lead by the Driller was standing on the catwalk to get the bridle line disconnected, and when they removed the first pin which secured the bridle line to the traveling block, the traveling block tilted to the right, which caused the catwalk to swing to the right side. The Driller who was standing on the catwalk fell between the catwalk and the traveling block and was caught between those two objects and died few minutes later. One crewman sustained bruises, and another crewman sustained a broken and dislocated right wrist.

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