Alert 05 – 14 Material Handling (Drill Pipe) Results in an LTI


A incident occurred during the routine task of offloading tubulars from a work boat that resulted in a Roustabout sustaining a fractured arm. As the preliminary incident investigation has confirmed this incident was no accident but once again a series of events which were not effectively managed and collectively produced an unacceptable result. The operation was offloading bundles of 3-1/2” drill pipe from a supply vessel. Events involved in this incident include: 1. The Assistant Crane Operator was attempting to spot the first bundle in the starboard pipe rack with one Roustabout flagging (Banksman) and the other Roustabout standing adjacent to the pipe rack on a walkway. 2. The Assistant Crane Operator’s view of the landing area was restricted by a tool basket. 3. During the lowering of the load the Injured Roustabout left his position of safety and entered the area of pipe rack bay. 4. The load appeared to have struck a Sampson Post and recoiled towards the injured party who had taken a position between the load and the tool basket, a blind spot. 5. As the load swung towards the Roustabout he raised his arms across his chest to protect himself and the load struck his right arm causing the fracture.

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