Alert 04 – 13 Cleaning Operating Equipment Results in Hand Injury


Employee was directed to clean the pump engines as part of his work assignment for the night. He wiped down the #2 pump engine without incident. #2 pump was not on the hole and the engine was shut off at the time. Employee then began cleaning the #1 pump engine while it was running. He was wiping the skid near the rear motor mount when he got too close to the rotating clutch assembly and cut the top of his hand and fingers. Employee stated that just before the accident, the rotating clutch had snagged his wiping rag and shredded it instantly when he got too close to it. He was going to write a “near miss” about it as soon as he went to the doghouse, but continued working and a few minutes later got his hand too near the clutch again and injured his hand. Broken bone in middle finger and lacerations requiring stitches. Employee was released to light duty.

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