Drilling Industry Training (DIT) Program Forms & Documents

Below is a list of current forms used in the Drilling Industry Training (DIT) Accreditation Program. Click on the hyperlink to download the form or document in PDF format.

Important: Applicants and accredited training providers are responsible for ensuring they submit the current version of the forms, which are updated as-needed on this page.

Procedures & Reference Documents

Form ID Title Current Revision Format
Bulletin 16-01 DIT Accreditation Requirement Updates 5 Dec 2016 PDF
Bulletin 19-01 DIT Program Revisions 04 March 2019 PDF
DIT-01 Accreditation Procedures Second Edition, Rev 3, Mar 2019 PDF
DIT-06 Schedule of Fees Rev 12, Sept 2017 PDF
DIT-10 Application Process Flowchart Rev 2, April 2018 PDF

Application Documents & Forms

To apply for accreditation, please complete form DIT-03 and DIT-04 and email to dit@iadc.org.

Form ID Title Current
DIT-01E DIT eLearning Requirements & Agreement Rev 0, July 2016 PDF
DIT-03 DIT Application for Accreditation Rev 11, March 2019 PDF
Example DIT Application for Accreditation Rev 11, March 2019 PDF
DIT-03M DIT Program Modification Form Rev 3, December 2017 PDF
DIT-04 Attestation & Agreement Form Rev 1, March 2019 PDF
DIT-14 DIT Request for Exception Rev 0, June 2018 PDF
DIT-37 Instructor Affiliation Form Rev 2, November 2019 PDF

Program Administration

Form ID Title Current
ACD-15 IADC Logo Usage Policy Rev 4, Sept 2016 PDF
ACD-63 IADC Corrective Action Form Rev 20, June 2018 PDF
ACD-64 IADC Audit Acknowledgement Rev 3, June 2018 PDF
ACD-67 Quality Statement & Comment Policy Rev 6, March 2019 PDF
ACD-67p Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Portuguese Rev 3, March 2019 PDF
ACD-67s Quality Statement & Comment Policy, Spanish Rev 5, March 2019 PDF
DIT-61 Audit Report Rev 12, May 2019 PDF