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This page contains lists of all available resources, documents, videos for the Well Control Committee. These may include best practices, guidelines, and/or special reports, as well as documents on topics such as onshore/offshore safety issues, environmental practices, specific regulatory issues and more. Also included is a section for links to useful websites.


Resource Resource Link / File
Presentation 1 September 2015 – Committee Chairman’s Meeting Presentation


Document Comments
API 53 Draft Conformance Assessment Tool A Draft Conformance Assessment Tool is being made available to IADC Well Control Committee members as a guide to IADC members in evaluating their company’s readiness to comply with API Standard 53.  This document is a draft document only.  Its content has not been reviewed by IADC staff, therefore, IADC makes no claim to the document’s accuracy.  Members are encouraged to verify the accuracy of the content before use.  THIS DOCUMENT IS PROVIDED FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.
MMS Subpart O Hands-on Testing Results Reported The US Minerals Management Service (MMS) began enforcement of 30 CFR 250.1507 (c) Subpart O testing requirements on 1 April 2008. Under the testing program, MMS inspectors can conduct oral, written or hands-on testing of rig and platform site personnel required to have well control testing. Testing began with a pre-pilot phase in October 2008 and a pilot phase since. Results of the pre-pilot and pilot phase were reported at an MMS Subpart O Testing Workshop in New Orleans, Louisiana on 19 February 2009. For a synopsis of the testing program and testing results presented at the Workshop, view the attached presentation (link below). Post-pilot phase (with enforcement) goes into effect 1 April 2009. Subpart O Hands on Testing of Rig Personnel
IADC Well Control Online Materials IADC’s Well Control materials available for online purchase.
 Killsheets An IADC workgroup developed killsheets that are available to WellSharp Training Providers through the secure WellSharp webpage.
NOTICE – WellCAP Plus Application Materials now available for download. A set of materials for programs interested in applying for WellCAP Plus accreditation is now available for download.

Standardized Killsheets

IADC has developed killsheets for the Wait & Weight Method (both Surface & Subsea Stacks), the Bullheading Method, and the Driller’s Method. Each type of killsheet is available in Field, Metric, and SI Units.

The IADC killsheets were developed by a subcommittee comprising:

  • Edwin L. Geissier, Chairman
  • Hal Kendall
  • Frank Klepper
  • Tommy Najar
  • Gary Nance
  • Steve Vorenkamp

The project was sponsored by IADC, with additional financial support from Nabors International Inc.

During the killsheets development, the subcommittee members involved with development concluded that an ideal killsheet would have the following characteristics:

  • Easy to read and understand (legible font size and layout)
  • Two-sided, letter size (8-1/2 x 11)
  • Black and white with one color
  • Surface and subsea stacks
  • Covers most utilized methods (Wait & Weight, Bullheading, Driller’s Method)
  • Field (US Customary), Metric and SI Units
  • Data section
  • Calculation section with boxes/lines
  • Well diagram
  • Decline schedule
  • Conversion, formula and table section
  • Available in electronic format (i.e., PDF)

WellSharp Training Providers are encouraged to use the IADC standardized killsheets. Approved Training Providers can download PDFs of these killsheets from the WellSharp webpage.

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