South Central Asia Chapter Committee Structure


Director – Contracts Committee
Mr. Mohan Ramanathan, Dynamic Drilling & Services Pvt. Ltd.

Director Training Committee
Mr. Arun Karle, Askara Enterprises

Director HSE Committee
Mr. Nitin D’ Mello, Transocean Offshore International Ventures Ltd.

Director Tax Committee
Mr. Navin Sarda, Transocean Offshore International Ventures Ltd.

Conferences/Workshop Committee
Mr. Manav Kanwar, SK OilField Equipment Co. Pvt Ltd.


Sub committees Members

Technical Subcommittee
Mr. Sanjay Bhatt

Membership Subcommittee
Mr. SK Singh Saktavat

Safety Subcommittee
Mr. S. Shridhar and Mr. Percy Pereira

Training Subcommittee
Mr. Mahesh Vyas, Mr. Sanjay Khullar and Deepti Thakre

Contracts Subcommittee
Mr. Rajesh Gopali

Govt. Affairs Subcommittee
Mr. Aniruddha Nansi

Maintenance Subcommittee
Mr. Michael Keni and Mr. SC Garg

Taxation Subcommittee
Mr. Vikash Chandak