Alert 99 – 01 More on Fall Protection


An accident occurred on board a MODU that was anchored offshore. The rig was conducting mobilization/commissioning activities in preparation for deep water drilling operations. The incident occurred in the derrick, at the monkey board level. The catwalk around the fingerboard is accessed via a ladder that extends up through the walkway approximately 4 feet. There is a hinged hatch that is intended to cover the opening. Two service representatives were working in the derrick at the monkey board level and the hatch covering the opening in front of the ladder had been left open. One of the representatives apparently stepped backwards in the opening. The man fell through the opening and landed on the catwalk approximately 16 feet below. The second representative called for help and a rescue and medical evacuation was initiated.
The employee was transported to the hospital and held overnight for observation. Fortunately, the employee was not seriously injured.

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