Alert 14 – 26 Line-of-Fire Incident Results in Medical Treatment Case


The crew of a hybrid well service rig had pulled the lubricator to the surface to bleed off the pressure in it. An operator was using an aerial lift to unthread the “Otis” connection on the 10 k stack. The operator unthreaded the nut, and then the rig manager attempted to separate the connection by lifting up on the injector/lubricator assembly. The lubricator was binding on top of the BOP, and the operator in the aerial lift remained in position behind the assembly to direct the rig manager as to which way to move the injector carriage to free the lubricator. The rig manager was following the operator’s directions, and as there was weight pulled into the lube assembly, when the rig manager hit the correct spot, the lubricator assembly sprung free of the BOP stack and sprung backwards, thus striking the operator in the aerial lift in the face and knocking him down. The operator was able to regain his stance and bring the aerial lift down to the ground under his own power. He was evaluated by the on-site medic and sent for further medical treatment. The operator underwent an MRI, was diagnosed and underwent surgery to repair a fractured cheekbone and misaligned orbital socket. His recovery time is estimated to be 4 weeks, after which a light duty program should be able to be instituted.

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