Alert 14 – 18 Improper Confined Space Entry Results in Multiple Fatalities


Before the product was unloaded, an employee entered a water tank that contained a water / nitrogen mixture from the displacement of a rigless coil tubing operation and became incapacitated. A co-worker, in an attempt to rescue the first employee, entered the same tank and, for the same reason, was followed by two other co-workers. Realizing that four of his employees were inside the tank, the supervisor ordered the tank drained. He then asked two more of his employees to enter the tank to rescue the four personnel trapped inside by using a rope (safety line). Three of the rescued personnel were unconscious and one was semi-conscious. All four personnel were immediately evacuated to a local clinic. After performing first aid, the semi-unconscious employee was evacuated to a nearby hospital for further treatment. The three others were pronounced deceased by a local medical doctor.

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