Alert 14 – 10 Dropped Landing String Results in Near Miss


At the time of the event, the rig crew was running upper completion on 7 5/8” VAM® Top FE (Fatigue Enhanced) landing string. The hanger was 87 feet (27 meters) from land off. Having made up the final full joint of landing string, the string was lifted approximately five feet to enable a centralizer to be fitted 8 feet (2.4 meters) back on the previous joint and manual slips were pulled. When the string was lifted approximately five feet, the latch on the 250 ton side-door elevators failed and the string dropped, with the upper tool joint passing through the rotary. At the time of failure the elevators were positioned +/- 45 feet (14 meters) above the rotary. There were no injuries to personnel. The blocks were then lowered to the deck for a closer inspection.

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