Alert 13 – 19 Conflicting Procedures Results in Restricted Work Case


A third party surveyor, who was not assigned to the rig, attended the rig during a five (5) year survey. The surveyor wanted to test the
lifeboat with an “on-load” release to the water. The Assistant Barge-Master (ABM) was assisting the surveyor to conduct the test and
was sitting on a crew seat near the coxswain’s seat with his hand flat on the seat to brace for impact. When the life boat was released
“on-load,” it fell and impacted the water. Upon impact, a small 1kg (2.2lbs) fire extinguisher, which manufacturer fitted near the
coxswain’s seat, released from its bracket and fell hitting the ABM’s right hand and injuring his finger. The ABM was treated at a local
hospital, placed on work restriction, and returned to work.

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