Alert 13 – 15 Unexpected Movement of Cargo Basket Results in First Aid Case


The Deck Crew was preparing a basket for backload and was loading it with guideposts. The guideposts were lowered in to the basket, but they were not sitting correctly. A crewmember, injured person (IP), asked the Crane Operator to lift the load so as to allow for adjustment of the guideposts in the basket. As the load was lifted, it swung and knocked against the basket thereby dislodging it from the timber on the pipe deck beam. The basket came down to rest on the crewmember’s foot. Instructions were then given to the Crane Operator to pick up the load and the crewmember was able to remove his foot from his boot. The IP was Medevac’d from the rig on the day of the incident and x-rays confirmed that there were no broken bones.

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