Alert 13 – 10 Hot Work Operations Results in Dropped Object


A third party construction company was carrying out the removal of various sections of grating from the derrick crown platform. The area had been prepared for the removal by setting up a pulley system and the grating was lashed through the perforations using retaining wire (the same type as would be used to lash scaffolding boards on to scaffolding). After the preparation work had been carried out the section of grating was cut free in order to lower it to the drill floor. At this point a section of grating measuring 70 x 37cm (2 ft x 1 ft) and weighing 5.7Kg (13lbs) broke free and fell a distance of 52m (171ft) to the drill floor. The grating struck a section of the accommodation, fragmented into three sections and then all sections landed on the port side box girder of the rig.

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