Alert 13 – 07 Improper Hand Placement Results in Minor Injury


While drilling ahead, two employees were assigned to rig up the wire line machine. The attachment point for the wire line sheave is located under the transition plate between the hydraulic catwalk and rig floor (the plate hinges away from the floor). The two employees, together, lifted the transition plate so that one employee could show the other where to hook up the wire line sheave. After showing his co-worker where to install the sheave, they began to lower the transition plate back down. One employee decided to let go of the plate as it was getting close to the floor. The other employee had his right hand on the catwalk side of the plate and his left hand on the floor side. To keep from mashing his fingers between the plate and floor, he removed his left hand and continued to lower the plate. As he did, he felt a “pinch” to his right pinky finger, so he jerked his hand out and told the other employee that he thought he had injured his finger. It was found that his finger got caught between the transition plate and the metal plate supporting a bearing housing.

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