Alert 12 – 22 Falling Steel Plate Results in Stuck-by Incident


The crew was in the process of rigging down their rig. After lowering the draw works section approximately 8 feet (2.4m), the crew began work on removing the driller side walking foot in preparation to lower the derrick. While removing the driller side walking foot, a small (2 feet x 2.5 feet / 61cm x 76cm), steel, floor plate located on the skid at the off-driller side of the draw work fell approximately 12 feet (3.7m) below the drillfloor. The steel plate bounced off the sub-structure and then struck an employee, who was working approximately 6 feet (2m) away from the substructure area. At the time of the incident, the employee was performing other duties and was not involved in the task of removing the walking foot.

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