Alert 12 – 14 Fatality – Worker Struck by Falling Pipe Tub


Two pipe tubs had been set out from the edge of the lease with a pole truck. Two trucks were called to the lease to pick up the tubs which were parallel to each other and about 8 ft. (2.4 m) apart with one tub about 8 ft. (2.4 m) further back from the other. The first truck tractor, with a lo-boy trailer, lined up to the pipe tub that was furthest back. He then hooked up chains to a set of pipe racks that were sitting on the tub. He then hooked up his loading sling to the tub and began loading the tub. While the first truck driver was getting ready, a second truck, with a hi-boy, had pulled in and lined up to the front tub. The second driver had to chain several items to the top of his tub. He had thrown three chains over the tub and began tightening the boomer on the chain that was furthest back on the tub. The first truck driver winched his tub forward and brought it about 15 ft. (4.6 m) ahead of the roll of his trailer, which was now even with the front tub. The first truck driver started winching the tub again and the pipe tub slid to the side of the trailer. He slacked off on the winch to let the tub back down and to re-align the trailer to the tub. As soon as the first truck driver
slacked off the tub, it slid off of the side of the trailer. The second truck driver turned toward the falling tub and was struck in the chest area. To avoid being crushed by the falling tub, he managed to get clear; however, he died later from the force of the impact of the tub on his chest.

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