Alert 12 – 13 Rigger Sustains Hand Injury During Rig Move


While removing a 2,100lbs. (953 Kg) set of stairs from the top dog house, a rigger’s hand was caught between the stair’s handrail and an air conditioning unit on the top dog house. The rigger was on the porch of the top dog house with a drilling employee removing the pins from the stairs going to the top dog house. The rigger signaled for the crane operator to pick up on the stairs. The crane operator picked the stairs up level and stopped. The rigger then signaled the crane operator to pick up on the stairs a few more feet (meters); however, when the crane operator picked up on the load, he soon realized that the stairs were in a bind and stopped again. Immediately after stopping, the stairs broke out of the bind and swung towards the top dog house. The rigger’s left hand was on the inside handrail as the stairs came up and caught his hand between the stairs and the air conditioning unit of the top dog house.

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