Alert 12 – 10 Loss of Balance Results in Laceration to Leg from Grinder


A vessel was on standby located near an offshore platform and waiting on orders. While the vessel was on standby, an Able Seaman was ordered to brush the upper stern part of the crash-bar (starboard side) with an electric grinding machine. He was attempting to perform the activity while working on the top of a ladder. The seaman lost his balance and the control of the grinder, dropping it to the deck. As the “uncontrolled” grinder fell toward the deck it cut the seaman just above the right knee. The injured person suffered an injury to his right leg (just above the knee) resulting in a 5 cm (2”) cut. After the incident, the seaman was given medical assistance from the vessel’s crew members and then examined by the platform doctor. After performing his examination, the doctor recommended sending the injured person to an onshore hospital. The injured person was disembarked and directed to the emergency room of the local hospital for medical assistance.

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