Alert 12 – 01 Ruptured Piston on Mud Pump Leads to Pump House Fire


The rig was drilling at approximately 2,030m (6,660 feet) with invert (oil and water mixture) drilling fluid in the tanks, pumping with approximately 21,500 kPa (3,118 psi) pump pressure. The rig crew noticed smoke coming out of pump house #1. The rig crew gathered all the fire extinguishers on site (five – 30lb (13kg) extinguishers and two – 150lbs (68kg) extinguishers, from the tank farm) and attempted to extinguish the fire. The crew was unsuccessful; therefore, the Driller and Rig Manager shut-in the well. The fire spread to pump house #2, then over to the mixing area of the mud tanks causing fire damage to the mud tank platform behind the buildings and to the contents on the platform.

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