Alert 11 – 07 Adjusting the Link Assembly on Pipe Spinner Results in a Restricted Work Case (RWC)


The motorman (Injured Person [IP]) was requested to inspect and adjust the adjustable link assembly on the pipe spinner. The motorman (IP) was lining up the hole on the clevis of the adjustable link assembly with the hole on the operating arm using his left hand. At the same time he turned the air supply back on in order to move the operating arm into position. The IP operated the control valve with his right hand. The pressurized operating arm of the pipe spinner moved forward and contacted with the clevis of the adjustable link assembly. This caused in the clevis link to kick towards the main body of the pipe spinner. The IP’s ring finger was caught between the clevis link and the main body of the spinner which resulted in the tip of his ring finger being severed.

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