Alert 10 – 32 Horseplay Results in Injuries


Two roustabouts were cleaning a piece of equipment, one with a high pressure wash down gun and the other with a scrub broom. The roustabout with the wash down gun asked the other to move out of the way so he wouldn’t get sprayed. The roustabout with the scrub broom waved the broom in the face of the other, and oil base mud with soapy water and diesel splashed into the other’s face and ran down behind his glasses into his eye. The injured person had his eye flushed with water.

Two roustabouts were cleaning mud pits, one roustabout was on top and the other was in the pit. The roustabout on top accidentally hosed the other employee, who in turn hosed down the man on top of the pits, and an argument ensued. The result was the worker who was in the pit picked up a rock and struck the other in the buttocks. The injured went to the medic and was given a pain reliever and bed rest for the remainder of the day.

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