Alert 08 – 03 Crane Rig Up Results in Fall from Height


The rig crews were rigging up a tall pedestal crane on an offshore production platform as the first phase of the drilling package rig–up process. The heel section of the boom was secured and pinned and the next task was to install a hydraulic cylinder, which is used to raise and lower the boom. The Driller and Derrickman had successfully removed the transport-securing pin and were lowering the cylinder in place on the turntable clevis with assistance from another crane. At this point the cylinder slipped in its rigging and fell onto a handrail, which protected the pedestal walk around. The handrail was broken from its base and fell 18 feet (5.4 meters) to the deck, taking with it the Derrickman who was tied onto it by his fall protection lanyard. The injured received skull fractures and a broken right arm.

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