Alert 06 – 43 Failure of Safety Devices Allowed Casing Stabbing Basket to Fall to Rig Floor


While the rig crew was running a bottom hole assembly into the hole, the casing stabbing basket (CSB) fell to the rig floor and toppled over. As it tipped over, the Casing Stabbing Basket contacted a de-energized electrical cable, which in turn pushed a floorhand to the rig floor. While the floorhand was not struck directly by the Casing Stabbing Basket, he did experience two lacerations to the head; one on the forehead and the other on the top of the head. The crew assisted the floorhand from within the confines of the Casing Stabbing Board and to the rig doghouse where the crew administered first aid. The floorhand was transported to the local medical clinic where the wounds were sutured. The floorhand was subsequently seen in an emergency room for further evaluation and received a work release.

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