Alert 06 – 18 Near Miss – Drill String Parts When BOP Pipe Rams are Left Closed


After conducting a routine Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) drill and returning to drilling mode. The Driller engaged the drum clutch and picked up the drill string while the BOP pipe rams were still in closed position. As a result the drill string parted at the slip area reaching its maximum tensile yield of the first joint that was being hoisted. The elevators and the links jumped violently when the pipe parted and approximately 4 foot of broken drill pipe dislodged from the elevators which were approximately 15-20 feet above the rotary table. Before landing on the drill floor the dislodged pipe brushed the right shoulder of a floor hand standing in the immediate area. Two other floor hands were also working the rig floor at the time. This incident had the potential to result in severe consequences up to and including fatal. Fortunately the
floor man suffered no significant injury and will be able to return to normal duties.

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