Alert 05 – 47 Elevator Link-Tilt Incident


The Drill crew was preparing to pick up a pup-joint from the mouse hole. A Floorhand was positioned behind the pup-joint to latch the elevators. The link-tilt was engaged with a rope for full extension. The Driller, who engaged the link-tilt and, thinking the elevators were latched, disengaged it. Meanwhile, the Floorhand trying to latch the elevators followed them back when they where disengaged until his chest came to rest on the pup-joint. The pup-joint was spinning a little so the Floorhand grabbed the pup-joint to regain his balance. The Driller realized that the elevators did not latch so he re-engaged the link-tilt. As he did, he turned to face the mouse hole and saw the Floorhand holding the pup-joint – but it was too late. The elevators caught his left index finger and his right little finger. He suffered a partial amputation to his index finger and a laceration to the little finger that required 3 sutures.

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