Alert 05 – 20 Master Bushings set on IP’s Toe – LTI


While flow checking the well, the Injured Person (IP) a Tourpusher, noticed that the drill pipe wiper rubber had dropped below the top of the fixed diverter. In order to retrieve the wiper rubber, the rotary master bushings had to be pulled. The bushings were pulled with the aid of an air tugger and the wiper rubber retrieved. In order to reset the bushings back into the rotary table the IP proceeded to pull them toward himself with the assistance of a floorman who was pushing in the same direction. The bushings obstructed the tugger operator’s (Assistant Driller) view of the IP’s feet and after the IP instructed the tugger operator to slack off, the IP’s foot slipped out from beneath him and over the rotary opening. The tugger operator was unaware of the IP’s foot position and the bushings were set down on top of the IP’s left foot causing a fracture of his big toe. At the time of this incident the driller, pumpman and two floormen were eating breakfast in the galley.

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