Alert 04 – 37 Test Assembly Makeup Results in a Fatality


The rig was pressure testing BOPs and surface equipment. The test assembly had been made up with a side entry sub and lo-torque valves. On the 3rd test, the manual lower IBOP (inner blow out preventer) on the TDS (top drive system, could not be closed due to the position of the torque tube key slot. At this time the TDS connection was broken and backed out of the test string to align the torque tube key slot. After the key slot had been aligned and the valve closed the driller proceeded to make up the TDS connection. Rig tongs were placed on the TIW valve above the side entry sub for back up. While applying torque the tong bite broke and allowed the test assembly to rotate. The deceased was struck about the abdomen and upper body by the side outlet and lo-torque valve. (See picture at right).

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