Alert 04 – 28 Side Door Elevator Incidents


First incident: Recently during casing pulling operations the side door elevator opened while laying out a joint of 7” casing with the crane. This resulted in the joint dropping from the rig floor down against the gate of the V-Door and the leg of the pick-up & lay-down unit, coming to rest on the ground.
Second incident: During completion tubular running operations on the drill floor, the side door elevators opened while picking up a single joint out of the mouse hole. The elevators opened at the point where the single joint was almost completely out of the mouse hole. The joint dropped across the floor and came to rest with the box end across the TDS frame and the pin stuck inside the top of the mouse hole. Personnel were standing clear at this moment to enable the joint to travel towards the top of the completion already inside the hole. Nobody was injured and the incident.
Another incident was reported where the improper placement of the pin was caught just as the pipe was being hoisted. The pipe was lowered and the elevators properly latched.

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