Alert 04 – 15 Making Up Bit into Bit Sub Results in High Potential Near Miss


The floor crew was in process of making up bit, bit sub, and first 6-1/4″ drill collar. When drill collar was in V-door, the lift sub was installed, tightened with the chain tong and hammered up. The collar was then picked up and set in the bit sub. The pipe spinner shouldered up the collar onto the sub, but would not shoulder up the sub to bit. The floor crew installed the rotary tongs and started making up the bit, the driller was watching his torque gauge during this process. When the connections were made up, the driller raised the blocks to pick up the collar, sub, and bit. At this point the lifting sub came out of the collar. The collar then fell across the driller’s side landing then onto the mud pit causing damage to stairs.

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