Alert 04 – 10 Use of Rope for Elevator Hobble Results in LTI


Rig crew was pulling the drilling string out of the hole to prepare for final logging in the well. First stand of drill pipe had been pulled out and racked back. The elevators were lowered and latched onto second stand, crew had checked that elevators were closed correctly, but as the driller lifted the stand approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet) the elevators suddenly opened, and the drill string fell into the hole. The roughneck who had been pulling slips, was moving back from the rotary table when the force of the elevators opening caused them to hit the roughneck. The left horn of the elevator struck on the right side of his head behind the ear region. This force of the impact pushed him, causing him to land approximately 1.5 meters (5 feet) from the rotary table and the point he was standing when struck. Operations were halted, IP (Injured Person) assisted onto stretcher and transferred to nearby medical clinic. An assessment was made and he was medivaced to the nearest hospital. The IP was released from the hospital ten days later.

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